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DSP UAdExchange Login Page

Know more about UAd Exchange Advertiser DSP

Helps agencies and advertisers increase campaign effectiveness through the most powerful integrated platform for programmatic media buying.

Differentiate with UAd Exchange platform capabilities
UAd Exchange empowers you with genuine differentiation in programmatic buying. Customize algorithms with UAd Exchange Programmable Bidder, achieve seamless data integration with the batch segment API, or use

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UAd Exchange Overview

UAd Exchange is a technology company whose cloud-based software platform powers and optimizes the programmatic sale and purchase of digital advertising. Because our platform is open, customers are able to build and differentiate their technology on top of ours, making UAd Exchange the infrastructure through which a substantial portion of

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SSP UAdExchange Login Page

Know more about UAd Exchange Publisher SSP

Maximize your revenue by working with the world’s largest independent programmatic marketplace. A truly open and transparent platform with advanced controls, that lets you own your data and efficiently manage all demand partners across desktop, mobile and video.


Maximize revenue

Leverage real-time price floor technology to ensure you are getting a fair

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