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Maximize your revenue by working with the world’s largest independent programmatic marketplace. A truly open and transparent platform with advanced controls, that lets you own your data and efficiently manage all demand partners across desktop, mobile and video.


Maximize revenue

Leverage real-time price floor technology to ensure you are getting a fair price for every impression. UAd Exchange Publisher SSP calculates impression values and optimal prices based on geo, time, and more, adapting to changes on the fly to ensure you get the best price from your buyers.

Access new sources of demand

Drive incremental revenue and access new sources of demand using header bidding with the UAd Exchange Publisher SSP. Header bidding provides efficient access to demand on the UAd Exchange platform while increasing bid density in your primary ad server.

One solution for all devices

UAd Exchange’ mobile platform empowers publishers to build a world-class business. SDK and integration options offer the flexibility to control how ads are served into apps and specialized algorithms to allocate ad inventory efficiently across all mobile demand sources.

Forge new relationships with buyers

It’s still people and relationships that drive programmatic advertising. UAd Exchange Deals enables you to sell based on inventory or audiences, hold private auctions — and even offer custom pricing — without the risk of data leakage.

Control ad quality

UAd Exchange offers manual and automated auditing tools so you can easily control the ads on your sites and maintain your business reputation. Creative controls and browser and mobile insight tools provide additional ways to control ad quality.

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